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What is Volkswagen Secure?

The time is right to drive a Volkswagen that best suits your lifestyle and ambitions. Volkswagen has always been known for its care, especially when it comes to your financial security.

Introducing Volkswagen Secure, an exclusive finance solution from Volkswagen Financial Services, specially crafted to meet your financial needs, thus securing your peace of mind.

A finance solution, which offers you, Assured Future Value of your Volkswagen, and provides you with secure options to select from at the end of the term.

Benefits of Volkswagen Secure

  • 40%* lower EMI for 3 years
  • Assured Future Value - Determined at the time of purchase
  • Eligible Models - Volkswagen Tiguan & Vento


A new Volkswagen every three years.

Wish to upgrade to a new Volkswagen?

Do it with ease, as Volkswagen Secure assures the future value of your Volkswagen and puts you in a great position for an upgrade at the end of your term.

End of Term Options


All affairs come to an end.

Got the full experience of your Volkswagen? Now, just return it back to the dealership.


Make your Volkswagen yours forever.

Just pay the remaining amount at the end of the tenure.


Can’t let go of your Volkswagen?

Just continue your tenure for another contract term.

Volkswagen Secure advantage

Comparison - Volkswagen Vento Vs Volkswagen Tiguan

Vento Tiguan
Variable Standard FInance Volkswagen Secure* Standard FInance Volkswagen Secure*
Car Price
(Ex Showroom)
9,99,900* 9,99,900* 31,53,500* 31,53,500*
Finance Amount 8,99,910 8,99,910 28,38,150 28,38,150
Tenure (months) 36 36 36 36
EMI (1 - 36) 28,933 17,277 90,848 53,869
Assured Future Value N.A. 5,49,945 N.A. 17,34,425
*The EMI and Ex-showroom prices are for representation purpose only. (#Balloon Payment)


  • Assured Future Value

    Get an Assured Future Value for your Volkswagen, determined at the time purchase.

  • Lower EMI

    Volkswagen Secure offers you 40%* lower EMI as compared to the standard EMIs payable.

  • Security

    A finance solution tailored for potential Volkswagen owners who are looking for complete security at the end of loan term. You have the secure options to Retain, Return, Upgrade or Refinance your car at the end of the tenure. Low EMI (almost 40% lower than std. loan) & Assured Future Value are the biggest advantages that Volkswagen Secure offers you

  • Volkswagen Support

    Volkswagen Secure extends to you every support you need – pre as well as post sales, wherever and whenever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Volkswagen Secure?

An assured buyback program catered for your customers offering a complete peace of mind.

What is Residual Value?

Residual Value is a defined percentage of net ex-showroom price, which is assured at the end of loan term to customer as per the prescribed conditions.

Which Volkswagen models are eligible for the program?

All variants of Volkswagen Tiguan and Petrol variants of Volkswagen Vento are eligible for the program

Can a customer choose his/her own motor insurance provider?

Customer is required to purchase comprehensive motor insurance coverage recommended by the respective Volkswagen Dealer.

Is extended warranty part of the offer?

Manufacture warranty is standard for the first two years; however in the program additional one year / two year extended warranty depending on the opted loan tenure is mandatory at customers cost.

Who is eligible for Volkswagen Secure?

All salaried and non- salaried applicants are eligible as per credit underwriting policy of Volkswagen Financial Services.

What is the maximum finance amount offered under the program?

Eligible customer can be funded up to 100% of the net ex-showroom price meeting all the necessary conditions as per the Volkswagen Finance credit policy.

Can the customer get the finance amount for Vehicle Registration, Motor Insurance and Extended Warranty?

In the current product structure this RTO funding is not available but the add-on products like EW and MI funding will be included in our product update. SVP is compulsory, but funding is not available for the same.

What is the maximum allowed tenure under this program?

The tenure offered currently is only for 36 and 48 months.

How the customer is assured of the residual value of his/her vehicle?

During the execution of the contract, a repurchase agreement will be signed between the customer and the dealer indicating the assured residual value.

Does Volkswagen Secure impose a capping on the mileage that should be clocked in during the tenure?

Yes, customer is only allowed to clock in maximum kilometers during the entire tenure agreed in repurchase agreement. Customer will be required to pay for each additional kilometre exceeding the threshold based on a prescribed amount per kilometre. The prescribed amount will be reflected in the repurchase agreement.

What are the options available at the end tenure?

Customer has 4 options to consider before the end of tenure:
Retain – The customer will retain the car at the end of loan tenure and pay the outstanding balance to close the loan
Refinance – Customer can opt for refinance facility and payback in equated monthly instalments
Return – The customer can return the vehicle and pay the difference if any due to the wear and tear as defined in the repurchase agreement and dealer will pay the outstanding balance and close the account.
Upgrade – The customer opt to return the vehicle and upgrade to buy a higher variant / model of the brand.

Can a customer foreclose the loan before the end of the loan tenure?

Yes, the customer has the right to foreclose the account at any time, however the repurchase agreement will be considered null and void.

What are the conditions for Car return at the end of loan tenure?

Customer is required to adhere to the prescribed wear and tear guidelines and should maintain the vehicle through authorized Volkswagen service centres.

When is a customer required to inform of his options?

Ideally the customer is required to get in touch with his/her dealer 75 days prior to the end of the loan tenure.

What is the process involved for returning the vehicle?

Customer is required to get in touch with the Volkswagen dealership 1 month prior to the end of tenure to confirm his final options and complete the final valuation of his/her vehicle in accordance with the fair wear and tear terms.

Where shall the customer return the vehicle?

The customer shall return the vehicle to the Dealer at his workshop or any other location specified by the Dealer.

Who shall foreclose the loan account with Volkswagen Finance in the event customer decides to return the vehicle?

The Dealer will foreclose the customers’ loan account with Volkswagen Finance based on the agreed buy back value. Any additional charges to be borne by the customer.

Can the foreclosure amount be paid to the customer by the Dealer?

The foreclosed amount will get transferred to Volkswagen Finance by the Dealer, under no circumstance will the foreclosed amount be transferred to the customer.

Who will be responsible to conduct the valuation of the vehicle?

The vehicle shall be subject to a inspection by Volkswagen India and repairs if any shall be undertaken (costs will be borne by the Customer) and completed prior to the physical handover of the car to Dealer. However we strongly recommend to take a superior insurance coverage from in-house insurance companies.

If there is a dispute on the final valuation proposed by the dealer, how will this be resolved?

The customer has the option to sell the car in open market if he is getting a better value for his car, but needs to pay the balance amount to Volkswagen Finance to close the loan.

Can a customer do any retrofitting on the car?

There shall be no after-market (grey market) retro-fitments on the cars. Retro-fitments if any shall only be those as carried by the Dealer as per the terms & condition of repurchase agreement.

What if the terms and conditions stipulated in the repurchase agreement is not met?

If any or all of the conditions stipulated in the repurchase agreement are not met, Dealer at his sole discretion has the right to reduce the value of the car as per the violations from the conditions and the Customer shall have no right or remedy against the Dealer for such action but has the option to sell the car in open market if he is getting a better value for his car and needs to pay the balance outstanding amount in time to Volkswagen Finance to close the loan.

When does the customer surrender his vehicle to the dealer assuming he wants to return the vehicle at the end of the tenure?

Customer to surrender( if option to surrender is exercised) his/her vehicle 15 days prior to end of the Buy Back Period once the final surrender value has been agreed and confirmed with Dealer.

What is the Minimum loan to value?

The Minimum loan to value of the car in this product is 70% of net Ex-showroom price of the car.

Are fleet cars eligible for Volkswagen Secure?

No, As per VWFS credit policy we don’t finance any kind of fleet cars.

Can the car be returned to different dealer/location other than selling dealer?

Car can be returned to any dealer pan India who have opted to source Volkswagen Secure.